Nelly Harper

Nelly lives with her son and one of her daughters in the stunning Blackdown Hills on the Devon/Somerset border.

She holds a Scottish degree (with distinction) in Business Administration, specialising in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.  It is no surprise then that she wanted to have full control of her work when she decided to self publish and so set up her own publishing company.

Though she currently lives in Devon, her favourite part of Britain has to be the Highlands of Scotland and this area features heavily in her writing.  

Always holding a secret wish to become an author but never having the time or dedication to actually do anything about it.  Nelly only began writing seriously when she developed a chronic illness and could no longer work as she had before. With her love of  history and all things mystical she naturally  chose the field of historical fantasy to base most of her work.

When she is not busy with her writing work she works with her wood carving business.


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